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Do not get angry


Game is a variant of the board game Ludo. The board consists of home fields (in the corners), target fields (in the middle) and track fields in the shape of a cross. Colored fields on the track are the starting fields of the corresponding player. The aim of the game is to move all four pieces in a clockwise direction from the starting field to the target fields.Let us repeat some rules:- Each piece can be moved according to the score of the die. - If a piece is moved to a field occupied by a piece of a different color, the latter one is removed from the track and placed at its corresponding home. - Players take turns in a clockwise manner.- A throw of 6 gives another turn. - If no legal move is possible, the die is passed to the next player.- Player can move a piece from home to starting field when die show 6.- If all pieces are on home positions player can roll the die three times.
Have fun and don't get angry!